Hi, my name is Estralia. I am an independent thinker and creative writer. I love spending time in nature and learning about her creatures. I have experienced life through a wide lens. I have traveled to seven continents and many countries. I am intrigued by many cultures around the world. I am a retired teacher who has chosen to stop creating layoffs in my life. I take my guidance from my higher self that doesn’t have a location and lives outside of time.

Writing adds to my life the qualities of caring, compassion, and empathy for the world around me. My knowledge comes from understanding the depth of heart or fascination I have with nature. I have always experienced the great web of interconnection between all living things, combinations, and relationships with all my senses.  I’ve always felt the desire to help this living world for the better. I seek knowledge and education that will allow me to take a proactive approach to these invisible links that bind the world. I write about characters who struggle with consciousness.  I create characters drawn to alternative or hidden pearls of wisdom to help educate themselves and others in particular issues to do with the nature of reality.


Most of the characters in my stories use all of their passion, strength and determination to change old patterns in their lives, unblock obstructions, and forge new paths. I teach my characters how to add creative energy from the void of chaos to their lives with much greater control. I consider I am daring with my writing because I am willing to consider options that others would not dare to dream of; I make a difference in how others think and communicate.


I have returned to my passion, which is creative writing, exploring nature, spiritual inquiry and meditation.