The Tenant of Ferguson Garage

A Lost Bronte Novel – by Tofi

Will Johnson is a bright and famous orphan raised by a disrespectful and rude headmistress. Eventually, he gets a job working as a gardener for the courageous Lady Ferguson of Ferguson Garage. The unlikely couple rapidly succumbs to a splendid passion.

On the day of their wedding, a tactless father escapes from Ferguson Garage’s attic and starts a fire. Believing that Lady Ferguson is dead, Will flees from the church and wanders the cold moors for days until an admirable shopkeeper rescues him.

However, although the fire blinds lady Ferguson, she still breathes. Without Will, she becomes controlling and greedy. She turns to alcohol for comfort. The ghost of the father from the attic haunts her.

Meanwhile, thinking Lady Ferguson is dead, Will accepts a marriage proposal from his savior, the shopkeeper. However, one night he believes he can hear Lady Ferguson calling, “Will, where are you? Will come home!” He returns to Ferguson Garage.

On Will’s return, he finds Lady Ferguson drunk and without sight. Mistaking him for the tactless father’s ghost, she attacks him with a rope, and Will Johnson dies.

As she attends to the body, Lady Ferguson realizes what she has done. Driven mad with guilt, she hatches a plan to destroy the next generation, but there is no next generation, and she dies of consumption two weeks later.

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