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About Book:

Anora is perplexed when her long-time boyfriend, Winston, announces his abrupt move to India from Germany, where he will be able to fulfill his life’s work. He insists that coming with him is a mistake but implores her to have faith and wait for him- for two years! She expected to marry Winston. While he has made no such commitment, her heart longs for that future.

Heartbroken and dejected, she searches for a new beginning with her long-lost biological family, residing in Australia. Finally, she can get to know her roots! Not only does she become acquainted with the mother she’s never known, but siblings, aunts, and a plethora of family she’s longed for.

Meanwhile, the shadows of her past haunt her. Deep wounds envelop her heart from years of abuse and neglect. Anora wonders, if she’s never felt love, how will she know when she finds it?

With this new environment comes new beginnings - including love- that she never expected. Hawthorne is a stunning, tall man with an infectious laugh. He captivates her mind and her heart. However, his culture is foreign to her, leaving her to wonder if she can find unconditional love with someone so different from herself.Nevertheless, Anora finds love! But that is only the beginning; alas, their families are full of prejudice and threaten to tear them apart. Together, against all odds, they are steadfast in their commitment to one another.

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