You Will Hear

About Book:

“Apply feng shui,” he said. “Not just theory to sell. Don’t use knowledge to judge the path of others. Use to monitor Self.” His eyes had much care and compassion. He paused for a moment as if hesitant about speaking his next thought. “You never lost if in balance.” Then he handed her a guide with instructions in English on how to get back to her hotel. “Go seek balance from within or remain lost forever.

Will anybody recognize that I’m not a part of the walkway? she thought while lying sprawled amidst the moving mass of people. It seemed like hours as she laid there, the footsteps barely missing vital parts of her anatomy. She felt like her body, her luggage, and the floor were all one—and hoped this was not what was meant by “being one with your surroundings.” The layers of heavy clothing had protected her tall, thin frame. Her tendency to feel chilled and the anticipation of China’s cold weather had inspired her to dress this way

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